ECG courses

Course 1: ECGs for the Emergency Dept (Click for course content)

Post-take ward round blues

The first course run by caters for hospital staff - whether working in the emergency department, medicine, surgery, anaesthesia or otherwise. It covers in detail all medical emergencies in which the ECG has a role, as well as elective scenarios such as the likelihood of pre-existant ischaemic heart disease and atrial arrythmias and their management

Who should do this course? F1s, F2s, ST1s, ST2s, ST3s in any hospital-based speciality where being handed an ECG on-call is a regular occurrence. Consultants in any speciality who wish to refresh their skills would also benefit from this course.

Course 2: ECGs for Primary Care (Click for course content)

Doctor - Can you read this for me?

Feedback from previous courses clearly showed that primary care staff wanted more time allocated to foundation principles of the ECG, elective scenarios and those ECGs which should raise concern and demand urgent referrals.
The primary care course therefore provides more time for these topics, as well as providing detailed training on the emergency scenarios we feel are essential to any ECG training course. More time is allocated to questions and the speakers can interact in detail with course attendees.

Who should do this course? GPs, GP trainees.