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A one-off course will take place in London in March 2016. Organisation of the course is now under the auspices of the 'Simple Education' group and bookings can be made through their website Please book via this link

Why should I do this course?

Core tools of the trade

The ECG remains the cornerstone of the management of cardiac disease, which is likely to be the cause of the death of up to a third of your patients.

This course fills a huge gap in the medical curriculum and will keep you and your patients out of trouble. You train hard for years and ultimately decades, learning about all manner of things such as bacterial wall structures and incredibly rare inheritable diseases. If you haven't spent one of those days learning properly about ECGs, the question you have to ask yourself is, why?

On this course, cardiologists will teach you about 12-lead ECGs and we guarantee that you will see hundreds of examples of the sorts of things you will encounter over the next few years. We know that many of you feel trepidation when handed an ECG - we've all been there! Conquer that trepidation and learn something new by booking on our of our courses today. run two courses designed specifically to address the educational requirements of those in primary care and those in the hospital environment.