Useful Links

  • Google
    How did we survive before it?
  • The London AF Centre
    The director's research and clinical practice foundation.
  • St Bartholomew’s Hospital
    The director's base hospital.
  • PayPal
    Learn more about our secure online payment system of choice.
    Book train tickets online.
    This link shows local hotels in the area, for those who want to make a weekend of it. For London, select Euston station as your landmark for nearby hotels. For Manchester, select Piccadilly Gardens as your landmark
  • Transport for London
    Up to date information on London's public transport network.
  • Car Parks
    In London, car parking options are not cheap, but being the weekend there are usually spaces. Type in W2 1AE to find your nearest.
    In Manchester, however, there are plenty of places near the venue. Type M1 3BB for your nearest options.