Course Fee

Early Booking Discounts

All course booked a month or more in advance are subject to an early booking discounted price of 150. Courses booked within the month prior to the course date are 195.

Group Reservation Discounts.

Five places for the price of four

There are special offers available for group reservations. If you can recruit interested colleagues and book together at the same time, you can receive discounts.

If you run an Emergency Department, a GP Surgery, or a Directorate and oversee study budgets, you can book five places for the price of four without having to specify individual names at the time of reservation.

Online Group discounts will be applied at the checkout. Payment must be made for all places online, simultaneously, by credit/debit card in order for discount to apply.

This will occur automatically at the point of payment, by the internationally recognised online trading system PayPal. We will then contact the person making the booking to register details of all attendees in advance of the day.

Alternatively, you may wish to collect cheques from individuals, bundle them together and send them by post. Please let us know in advance by email or telephone if you are planning this to ensure the required number of spaces remain available.