A one-off course will take place in London in March 2016. Organisation of the course is now under the auspices of the 'Simple Education' group and bookings can be made through their website Please book via this link

  • Taught by Cardiologists - learn from the specialists.
  • We'll teach you how to read the ECG and what to do about it
  • Small group teaching to allow high levels of interaction between tutors and attendees
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Why is your patient blacking out?
Has your patient had an infarct?
How do we identify high-risk patients before their major events?

Our survival tips will help you deal with a broad range of cardiological conundrums. You can learn a huge amount in one day, and at minimal cost.

If your patient has chest pain, itís all well and good when the ECG looks like this...

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But what about when it looks like this... Confident?

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Or this...

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You will see over 400 ECGs, representing the wide variation in presentations of cardiac problems and we will tell you what to do about them.

Learn through understanding, and pattern recognition. When you've seen five different examples of posterior MI, suddenly all becomes clear.